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Our Services

Our experts are here to help you create the jewelry of your dreams:


Whatever your vision, together with our designers we will take your ideas, wants, and budget and bring your designs to life. Our design associates are happy to work with your inspiration to create something truly unique, just for you or get creative with existing designs and combine their best elements.


After the design is approved by you, we will handcraft your jewelry in our NY studio. Production time is maximum of two weeks for any custom design.


We use the highest quality gemstones, semi-precious gemstones, and diamonds. Our diamonds are conflict-free and contains no fluorescence. For engagement rings, our GIA certified diamond experts will hand select your diamond based on your color, clarity, and budget preferences.

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Our Values

Since our start in 1978, our values has always been to give quality jewelry for reasonable prices by removing traditional markups that is common in our industry.


We create our jewelry in our NY studio to maintain control over our manufacturing process and quality standards. Our products are made ethically & responsibly using only the highest quality materials and diamonds, without the traditional markups. These are the perks of cutting out the middlemen and not importing goods to produce our products.


All of  our jewelry is created to last for many years – made in solid 14k gold/ 18k gold or platinum. A lot of jewelers like to skimp in gold not by width but by thickness, our jewelry is created for everyday use and we make sure that the amount of gold used can withstand everyday wear and tear. Our diamonds are all conflict-free and the highest quality as well as our precious and semi-precious gemstones.

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